New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 12/4/21


On December 4th, 2021, the Sagitarrius new moon will move into a full solar eclipse. Sagitarrius corresponds to Jupiter, a planet with a color palette similar to the New Mexican desert east of Albuquerque. Jupiter is marked by its red spot, which is a vortex over three centuries old. According to Wikipedia, the red spot is an atmospheric pressure storm. Despite its true chemical composition, it quite literally looks like a ring of fire emblematic of the flickering energy of fire signs.

Local holistic healing expert J. Nina Rose shared her perspective on the upcoming solar eclipse. “Sagittarius is the teacher of the zodiac helping us to expand our horizons and our mindsets, this can be seen in education, religion, philosophy, law, even long distance travels. We will be feeling the energy of this eclipse until December 19th, when it finishes it cycle with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. This energy goes back to May of 2020, when it first started.”

Nina explains that this solar eclipse is an important time for release and planning for the future: “The power of Mercury is joining the sun and moon in Sagittarius. Before the new moon, we feel our lowest — depressive states, loneliness issues — it’s important to write & release the energy that pains you and the negative thoughts that attach to that energy as well. Ask yourself: did I complete my goals? Did I let my fears hold me back? How many times will I repeat a painful lesson before I learn? Let these energies end, and release it all to make room for something new in your life.”

Suggestions for the Sagittarius new moon and solar eclipse include:

  • Wearing neutral taupes and browns, or cool toned reds and oranges
  • Being aware of money coming in and out
  • Carrying real citrine for action, petrified wood for stability and grounding
  • Read opinion columns in your local newspaper
  • Thinking about your speech carefully, considering all possible outcomes before you act
  • Volunteering for or donating to a social or political cause

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