Full Moon & Eclipse in Taurus 11/19/21

“bull’s head, 1943” by lawa

On November 19th, a full moon and lunar eclipse will both occur under the sign of Taurus. The moon shifts into Taurus on the 17th, the pyrrhic remains of Scorpio’s energy are left behind. We are shifting away from this intense energy and drawing inward during a cocoon like Taurus energy.

The Taurus sign is marked by its interest in aesthetics and steadiness. On the flip side, Taurus energy can come across as rigid or conservative. So, when considering the full moon in Taurus (and we will get to that eclipse energy in a bit) it is imperative to figure out when exactly our comfort zone benefits or hinders us. Staying in a comfort zone may feel safe, but it prevents forward movement — on the other hand, having a safe space to retreat to when you feel threatened is also important. It’s up to you to determine that line between the two.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus brings to mind The Moon reversed, a tarot card indicative of neuroticism and a fear of the dark that translates to fear of the shadow Self. Who would we be if the things that allow us a feeling of security — our clothes, our homes, our metaphysical supplies, our laptops and phones — disappeared? Would we still be ourselves, or would we become something new without these safety blankets that are oh so Taurus in nature?

In an article titled “What To Expect From An Eclipse,” Bustle author Nina Kahn notes that eclipses may bring about sudden and dramatic change. Many young witches online say that charging metaphysical tools during eclipse season is unwise, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to harness an eclipse’s raw and unbridled energy in your work.

Suggestions for the Taurus full moon include:

  • Incorporating Venus colors into your attire: cream, champagne, pale gold
  • Carrying quartz and its variations
  • Take stock of whether or not you’re participating in materialism
  • Lighting a candle with vanilla, cashmere, and/or linen scent
  • Watch an ASMRtist with Taurus energy

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