Abitha’s Celebrates 34th Anniversary

Photo by Rachel Claire

On April 3rd, Abitha’s Apothecary celebrated 34 years of business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vendors and practitioners were welcomed into Abitha’s space east of Uptown, where hundreds of Burqueños browsed wares and booked readings. The event kickstarted the metaphysical community’s spring season, traditionally associated with renewal and light. The weather was crisp with a light breeze affirming that Albuquerque is ready for a happier, lighthearted summer after two years spent battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reta from Abitha’s Apothecary, center, with staff

“When Abitha’s first opened in 1988, it was still a bit on the taboo side,” explained Reta, the owner of Abitha’s Apothecary. “We did not know what to stock, so we ended up asking our customers for direction. Building these relationships was an important part in our success, and that’s how our customer base and inventory grew. At the end of the 1990s, into the 2000s, those that seek to grow spiritually were met by several new businesses to meet that demand.”

As Reta explained, several metaphysical businesses have opened their doors to those curious to learn more about life beyond the veil. Many of them attended Abitha’s celebration, expressing their respect for their knowledgable staff and their interest in the growing metaphysical scene.

Scene at Abitha’s 34th Anniversary

Madeline Mariposa, owner of Glitter Alchemy, reflected on the past two decades in the esoteric community: “I’ve been shopping at Abitha’s since the 1990s, I started going there during my time at CNM when Abitha’s was located in Nob Hill. Abitha’s is the grandmother of Albuquerque witch shops — whatever comes around, Abitha’s has the ultimate stronghold on this community.” Glitter Alchemy and bone jewelry company Lust for Dead Oddities recently collaborated on a tea blend to inspire passion, pictured below.

Madeline from Glitter Alchemy
Lust & Alchemy Tea Blend from Glitter Alchemy and Lust for Dead Oddities
Aura Photography NM’s booth at Abitha’s 34th Anniversary

Barbara, the owner of Aura Photo NM, expressed her personal gratitude to Reta. “When I opened Aura Photo NM, we met Reta at the Pagan  Pride festival and shortly after started doing pop-ups at her shop. I think Abitha’s adds so much value to the metaphysical community in Albuquerque — I love that blend their own oils, make their own incense, and dress their own candles, I think it adds to the magic of what they sell. I’ve been in their store so many times when I hear a customer coming in with an issue and they know exactly what the person needs. The amount of knowledge they have across so many topics is astounding! I think that is why they have such a great reputation in the pagan community,” she shared.

“We had an amazing day yesterday with so many wonderful souls. I was so excited to be able to share my plans for my shop that should be opening this summer in Santa Fe.”

Danielle from The Amethyst Circle

Mercedes from Bruja Coffee Co. shared that Abitha’s was a large part of joining the Albuquerque withccraft community. “I am new to Albuquerque — six years. Abitha’s is the backbone of the pagan community. In fact, any one of us in this event would come help Abitha’s if it ever needed help. This shop must always be here, its overall influence on this city is macrocosmic,” she explained.

Medusa Dankini from Amethyst Light Healing

“I found Abitha’s through the community, I heard about it through local spiritualists. Everyone is here to support each other.”

– Ryio from Cosmic Healing Shop

Abitha’s has acted as a stronghold for the metaphysical community throughout the past three decades, encouraging collaboration (as demonstrated by Glittery Alchemy and Lust for Dead Oddities) and creativity through artistic means. Anna, the owner of Luminous Moon Shop, reflected on this: “I’ve always came to Abitha’s, ever since I was in the broom closet. I’ve always wanted to be a part of their metaphysical events. Being included as a business owner is absolutely magical.”

“I wanted to share that abundance through our new Witchy Rich tea.”

Anna from Luminous Moon Shop

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Pink Full Moon in Libra 04/15/22

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

On April 15th, a full moon will occur under the sign of Libra. Libra is traditionally represented as a scale, a contrast to other sentient zodiac associations. The imagery of the scale is representative of a characteristic Libran phrase, “soothe the waters.” Whereas the full moon by nature pulls higher and more turbulent tides from the ocean, the Libra sign adds an emphasis on balance and conserving mental energy.

Libra is definitely one of the most brought up zodiac signs in online discourse. They have a reputation for coquettishness, an airy indifference to anything that could negatively impact their internal equilibrium. A Libra is more similar to Gemini in that energy and self-concept is rooted in social energies, whereas the remaining air sign Aquarius is an antagonistic outlier in comparision. Libras such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrate the social inclination of the Libra sign. In turn, they both represent the calculating and shrewd nature of the sign, indicated by their discourse stirring business ventures SKIMS and GOOP. Kardashian and Paltrow do not address criticism, they do not repent from the crimes the public accuses them of — they move in silence, not allowing any detraction to skew their Libran scales. Musician and actor Donald Glover is also a Libra, that represents the quiet dignity and silent motions that Libras command.

It is important to be receptive and willing to challenge established boundaries throughout the Libra full moon. In carefully measured doses, rock the scales a bit. Growth doesn’t happen throughout stasis, and it can be argued that preserving that stasis it hinders interpersonal growth.

Suggestions for the Libra full moon include:

  • Wearing crisp white or beige clothing to evoke Venus
  • Making a change in your routine, such as trying a daring new restuarant, or even better: attempting to cook a challenging dish at home.
  • Utilizing stones that evoke comfort and positive self image such as pink tourmaline or rainbow moonstone

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New Moon in Aries 04/02/22

On April 1st, 2022, a new moon will occur in the sign of Aries. Aries, a cardinal fire sign, brings that element to mind. Under the cold silhoutte of the new moon, the sting of a day old burn is a more suitable phenomenon to reference. In silence, consider this: that immediate desire to pull away after touching a burn, the burning Aries tendency to lunge for the throat. This new moon brings to mind vulnerability and the way we observe it in ourselves and how we choose to present it to others.

That tired phrase about marching to the beat of your own drum aligns well with Aries, if the drum was a pounding heartbeat and the “beat” was their own infernal mental gymnastics. Aries, in a way similar to the cooly accelerationist and ideologically indifferent Aquarius, will justify operating on cheap matchsticks resembling the lefthand path in order to kindle their trailblazing. This Aries energy explodes and then smolders, as evident in total Aries Vincent Gallo’s illustrious directing career and subsequent denouement into brooding character acting. In a personal essay, Gallo is very Aries: “I don’t enjoy being unpopular, however in order to think freely, I must be willing to risk being unpopular. To think, I must risk being offensive. Anyway, most people are not listening but instead projecting.”

The Aries new moon encompasses that tumultuous drive and its incisive actions, but incorporating the subjective nature of the new moon requires compassion towards the Self. The idea of “self-care” has certainly been exploited over the past half of a decade, the notion that self-care is a product, a subscription, or a drug infusion is inherently against what self-care stands for. So, under this absence of spotlight in the Aries new moon, take charge and take care of the innate rebel in your Self.

Suggestions for the Aries new moon include:

  • Wearing orange, gold, or cream clothing
  • Placing a mirror against your windowsill. You never know what is directed towards you, and right now you’re facilitating your own unique energies.
  • Studying grounding stones such as pyrite or black tourmaline

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Wendy Rule Headlines Magick & Medicine Fair, Local Witches Gather Together

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

On January 29th, 2022, Tea Time Baths and Bruja Coffee Co. held a Magick & Medicine Metaphysical Fair headlined by Wendy Rule, a Santa Fe based musician and longtime witch. Over forty vendors set up shop at the event, items ranged from witchy apparel and crystals to ceremonial medicine and copper wrapped dab tools. Grandma’s House BBQ served authentic barbequed meat, and local cannabis influencer Cooking with the Homeboy provided photography and commentary throughout the event. Click here for preliminary reading about sacred medicine and its use in New Mexico.

The event was centered around Rule’s performance, tarot and oracle readings concurrently took place. New Mexican businesses such as Glitter Alchemy, Luminous Moon Shop, and Marilinn and Pablo’s Jewelry were present. Local artists such as Georgia transplant Brianna Gardocki were also in attendance. Renowned Albuquerque metaphysical supply store Abitha’s Apothecary displayed wares at the event. “For me, sacred medicine and witchcraft… you can’t have one without the other, that’s the thing. They have to work together,” said Josh from Abitha’s Apothecary.

Wendy Rule performing at the Magick & Medicine Metaphysical Fair

Wendy Rule performed at 1:00PM and 4:00PM for fair attendees, singing songs referencing nature, witchcraft, and love. “It’s a beautiful community event, full of magic, music, and lots of fun,” said Rule. Rule is a practicing witch, specifically Wicca. As a witch, she is interested in fairies and the occult, positively referencing the former during her performance. “Witchcraft is about honoring our connection with nature, and sacred medicine is a part of that. Sacred medicine can be a powerful pathway to connecting with Spirit.” Stream Wendy Rule’s music on Spotify by clicking here.

Collective Frequency, a community oriented metaphysical space in Old Town, played crystal singing bowls and other instruments in between Rule’s sets. Tammy, who leads Collective Frequency with her husband Anthony, explained that sound and sacred medicine go hand in hand with each other. “It’s all frequency. Sacred medicine helps clear out your auric field, so you may receive that medicine. It vibrates together, everything merges together to allow a sacred place inside of yourself.”

The singing bowls were accompanied by a crystal healing grid, Anthony and Tammy described a process in which sacred sounds allow crystals to grow additional facets. Tammy and Anthony hold frequent sound baths at their space in Old Town, an event calendar can be accessed by clicking here.

Bruja Coffee Co., pictured with magickally crafted coffee, skin potions, and blue lotus wine

Mercedes Reyes of Bruja Coffee Co., one of the organizers behind the festival, offered her perspective on the use of sacred medicine: “Communing with sacred herbs is all about engaging the spirit of the plants,” said Reyes. “I feel like there is a stigma because of the law, but I want to make it clear that medicine for body, mind, and soul is better when it’s wildcrafted from the ground to the bottle.”

Tea Time Baths Potion Bar

Valerie from Tea Time Baths, one of the organizers of the event, spoke to us about her intention behind this gahtering: “My view on Medicine and magick, and the whole idea and purpose of hosting this event, is the importance and knowledge of how sacred and interrwined our Medicine is in our practice. From helping with meditation, healing, cleansing, astral projection, shadow work and so much more… each herb, flower, root and plant have their own energy, life and use and exist here for us to use. Our practices may all be different, but we are all connected. It was amazing to see so many different people with different backgrounds and beliefs come together as a collective and community to celebrate this blessed Medicine and heal together.”

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Full Moon in Cancer 01/17/22

Photo by rompalli harish from Pexels

On January 17th, the moon will be fully illuminated under the sign of Cancer. It falls on the same day as Martin Luther King Day, a day that the federal government set aside to celebrate someone that they murdered. King was wiretapped by the government, this kind of intimate surveillance emnates maladjusted Cancer energy. Even more Cancer is the fact that King’s legacy has been obfuscated, abstracted and watered down in order for the United States to claim that our violent racist past wasn’t so bad. It’s been a very successful lie since its inception in 1983. All lies are not exclusively of Cancer, but it is certainly Cancerian to lie. To read more about King’s righteous interest in objects of all prejudices, click here.

At its worst, Cancer is emblatic of every neurotic thing that damages water signs. Surveillance may seem cold and dry in an air sign way, but the ability to secretly listen to another person’s conversation is deeply indicative of the covert nature and underlying paranoia of a water sign. Under this full moon, extinguish any interest in secretly observing those around you in order to maintain a positive vibration.

When in full alignment, Cancer energy is parental, facilitative, and a bit of a homebody. Cancer is in its most undiluted form in a full moon, which errs passionate at best and malicious at worst. Being aware of what really drives your speech and decisions is important at this time, especially throughout the current retrograde.

When in full alignment, Cancer energy is parental, facilitative, and a bit of a homebody. It would be Cancer to assist someone younger than you, or to spend time decorating your home. Observe your internal monologue, and when it upsets you, challenge it by asking if it is being truthful.

Suggestions for the Cancer full moon include:

  • Wearing iridiscent, cream, or yellow toned cream clothing
  • Consider sepia tone, does it evoke the color of the moon?
  • Placing a medium sized crystal (rainbow moonstone, peach moonstone, or larimar) by your bedside
  • Listening to an incredibly Cancer song

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Full Moon in Gemini 12/19/21

Olsen Twins (Vulture)

In the early hours of December 19th, 2021, a full moon will occur in the social and cerebral sign of Gemini. This will be the last full moon of this year, a lighthearted bookend to an eclipse season that culminated in events such as a new COVID-19 variant and a cryptocurrency crash.

The sign of Gemini is traditionally associated with Mercury, and in a contemporary sense is associated with twins. In an interpersonal sense, the Gemini sign is marked by sociability and a constant sense of movement. As an air sign, a lot of things are constantly in motion with the Gemini sign. In turn, that leaves room for misinterpretation — demonstrated by some taking issue against a document intended to rightfully inspire egalitarianism present on the City of Albuquerque’s website. Gemini is different than its other air signs. In contrast, the Aquarius sign can appear clueless in social situations, and Libra can come across as intimidated by disagreements and arguments. Gemini is in its element in social situations, navigating them with ease and grace. The Gemini sign is inclined towards the arts and humanities, like its fellow air signs.

However, that twin imagery has become synonymous with acting two-faced. The Gemini sign has been accused of being manipulative, or even fake. That preference for a social sphere is present, a Gemini may prefer to kindle as many glib friendships as possible to build a strong network of connections. Consider Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their presence in the fashion world is formidable but how aware of their personal lives are we? They are aesthetically and artistically engaged while maintaining a large and public boundary. That word, networking, is something emblematic of the Gemini sign — while Gemini move so quickly, they are certainly making lasting impressions (suave, well connected, bright) on those in their path.

Suggestions for the Gemini full moon include:

  • Wearing cream, champagne, gold, or pale yellow to channel Mercury energy
  • Attending a festival or gallery opening with a colleague, encountering new people there
  • Listening to a song with undeniable Gemini energy and influences, such as the lighthearted and catchy “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue
  • Carrying standard moonstone or honey calcite
  • Consciously deciding to embody your authenticity and values in every situation

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Brujas Buenas & Bruqueña Rituals hold inaugural Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

On December 12th 2021, Brujas Buenas and Bruqueña Rituals held an inaugural Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day event in Albuquerque’s Wells Park neighborhood. Brujas Buenas is a business co-owned by Sarah and Desiree Green Pancho, of Pecos and Albuquerque respectively. Bruqueña Rituals is owned by a local witch named Jessica. The event was coordinated through the efforts of all three brujas, all dedicated in highlighting Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day with a contemporary flair.

The event was held in a studio shared between Stay Cute and Bruqueña Rituals, decorated with a soothing amount of pink and Tumblr-esque female empowerment decor. The space itself is industrial, but the environment that was created was very feminine and welcoming. The physical space had several mirrors, in which positive and feminine energy radiated from. The altar itself culminated in a mirror at the top of its build, where attendees could view themselves as an empowered woman in alignment with Guadalupe.

“Events like this are amazing, healing, and refreshing, especially when you’re around women from your community. Again, it was incredibly healing,” said Angelis, an attendee that works in the music industry.

An Our Lady of Guadalupe altar featured at the event

That idea of embodying Guadalupe is a powerful one, it emnates authority and respect. A photo booth was incorporated into the event, where attendees could physically embody the image of Guadalupe in order to wholeheartedly encounter that divine kindness. An emerald sheet, underneath the pedestal, served as a head wrap.

Photo booth at Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

An enthralling kind of electricity buzzed in the air as Pecos native and recent Albuquerque transplant Sarah from Brujas Buenas described how the Virgin of Guadalupe represented unconditional love to her. In alignment with the traditional practices behind the feast day, Brujas Buenas put together various foods and strawberries embellished to look like amethyst crystals.

Chocolate dipped strawberries with amethyst facets

This event encouraged attendees to create their own altars to Guadalupe — a black tin, a figurine, and a bell were provided as initial materials for a travel altar. Items like feathers and sequins were provided on a craft table, where attendees drank tea and shared their experiences with the female divine.

Our Lady of Guadalupe altar workshop
Completed travel altar for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Jessica of Bruqueña Rituals shared her thoughts: “My goal here is to bring out the divine feminine in the community, and let everyone know that there is a divine mother that supports us all.” Jessica reflects, sitting on the couch adorned with an Our Lady of Guadalupe design. “We should feel empowered through Her abilities to accomplish any goal,” she said.

Brujas Buenas website

Bruqueña Rituals website

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New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 12/4/21


On December 4th, 2021, the Sagitarrius new moon will move into a full solar eclipse. Sagitarrius corresponds to Jupiter, a planet with a color palette similar to the New Mexican desert east of Albuquerque. Jupiter is marked by its red spot, which is a vortex over three centuries old. According to Wikipedia, the red spot is an atmospheric pressure storm. Despite its true chemical composition, it quite literally looks like a ring of fire emblematic of the flickering energy of fire signs.

Local holistic healing expert J. Nina Rose shared her perspective on the upcoming solar eclipse. “Sagittarius is the teacher of the zodiac helping us to expand our horizons and our mindsets, this can be seen in education, religion, philosophy, law, even long distance travels. We will be feeling the energy of this eclipse until December 19th, when it finishes it cycle with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. This energy goes back to May of 2020, when it first started.”

Nina explains that this solar eclipse is an important time for release and planning for the future: “The power of Mercury is joining the sun and moon in Sagittarius. Before the new moon, we feel our lowest — depressive states, loneliness issues — it’s important to write & release the energy that pains you and the negative thoughts that attach to that energy as well. Ask yourself: did I complete my goals? Did I let my fears hold me back? How many times will I repeat a painful lesson before I learn? Let these energies end, and release it all to make room for something new in your life.”

Suggestions for the Sagittarius new moon and solar eclipse include:

  • Wearing neutral taupes and browns, or cool toned reds and oranges
  • Being aware of money coming in and out
  • Carrying real citrine for action, petrified wood for stability and grounding
  • Read opinion columns in your local newspaper
  • Thinking about your speech carefully, considering all possible outcomes before you act
  • Volunteering for or donating to a social or political cause

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Full Moon & Eclipse in Taurus 11/19/21

“bull’s head, 1943” by lawa

On November 19th, a full moon and lunar eclipse will both occur under the sign of Taurus. The moon shifts into Taurus on the 17th, the pyrrhic remains of Scorpio’s energy are left behind. We are shifting away from this intense energy and drawing inward during a cocoon like Taurus energy.

The Taurus sign is marked by its interest in aesthetics and steadiness. On the flip side, Taurus energy can come across as rigid or conservative. So, when considering the full moon in Taurus (and we will get to that eclipse energy in a bit) it is imperative to figure out when exactly our comfort zone benefits or hinders us. Staying in a comfort zone may feel safe, but it prevents forward movement — on the other hand, having a safe space to retreat to when you feel threatened is also important. It’s up to you to determine that line between the two.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus brings to mind The Moon reversed, a tarot card indicative of neuroticism and a fear of the dark that translates to fear of the shadow Self. Who would we be if the things that allow us a feeling of security — our clothes, our homes, our metaphysical supplies, our laptops and phones — disappeared? Would we still be ourselves, or would we become something new without these safety blankets that are oh so Taurus in nature?

In an article titled “What To Expect From An Eclipse,” Bustle author Nina Kahn notes that eclipses may bring about sudden and dramatic change. Many young witches online say that charging metaphysical tools during eclipse season is unwise, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to harness an eclipse’s raw and unbridled energy in your work.

Suggestions for the Taurus full moon include:

  • Incorporating Venus colors into your attire: cream, champagne, pale gold
  • Carrying quartz and its variations
  • Take stock of whether or not you’re participating in materialism
  • Lighting a candle with vanilla, cashmere, and/or linen scent
  • Watch an ASMRtist with Taurus energy

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B. Ruppe drug store restored as museum for ABQ Artwalk

This past Friday, the building previously known as the B. Ruppe drug store was restored by arts organization Secret Gallery. The restoration’s initial launch took place during the ABQ Artwalk, incorporating local artists in and outside of thhe building. The B. Ruppe drug store initially opened its doors in 1883, its status in Albuquerque history canonized by curandera Maclovia Sanchez de Zamora. The building now functions as a contemporary gallery and museum dedicated to Zamora and the store.

A curandero/a is a practitioner of traditional Latin medicine. The Spanish word “curar” means “to cure,” hence curandera referencing someone that cures. Through a contemporary lens, now popularized things such as the evil eye (traditionally, the mal de ojo) have roots in early Latin esotericism. These roots are often overlooked in the name of profit, for example, reselling evil eye bracelets from Amazon at a much higher price discredits the entire sentiment and history behind the mal de ojo. However, Albuquerque proves again and again that its character is authentic, respectful, and celebratory of its heritage — it is in a small cadre of cities that continously and actively advocate for its heritage, as demonstrated by the recent vote against a harbigner of gentrification and wealth disparity.

Zamora became a renowned local healer, her vast knowledge of herbal medicine establishing the B. Ruppe as both a yerberia and a sort of active learning space. The recreation of this space is true to its previous form, herbs line the walls in satchets and jars exactly as an archived photo from the University of New Mexico shows them.

“It is so awesome to the respect that I think is due to our older curanderos and curanderas. Maestra Zamora is one of the greatest,” said Mercedes Reyes of holistic coffee company Bruja Coffe Co.

Through this faithful restoration, Barelas as a community proves that the history of curandera and Latin spirituality will not be forgotten, or whitewashed into something their ancestors wouldn’t recognize. While it may have been a coincidence, I found it thoughtful and resonant that this historically significant local landmark was brought back to life in such a beautiful way the week that the aforementioned stadium was dismissed by Albuquerque voters.

It is difficult to always be on the offensive, to actively live life against forces that aim to displace, monetize, and rewrite history. On Friday night, I found myself moved nearly to tears when I stood in front of the pictured altar of Zamora, impacted by the compassion and dedication involved in the altar and in creating this museum.

A quote from Zamora discussing B. Ruppe

Outside of the areas dedicated to Zamora and B. Ruppe signage, several artists participating in the ABQ Artwalk were present and actively creating art. The smell of spray paint hung in the air, oil paints dried under the moonlight, and cotton candy and drinks were distributed.

(Please contact us if you know who created the altar, or who our Kahlo painter is. We received permission to photograph both, but did not get their contact information. We would love to credit them!)

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