New Moon in Scorpio 11/03/21

The Scorpio sign is characterized by its intensity, bringing a dark and churning body of water to mind. Where other water signs Cancer and Pisces lack intiative and decisiveness, Scorpio shines in its fixed singlemindness. Similar to its fixed siblings — Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius — one of Scorpio’s defining characteristics is unbridled focus and ambition. As with all fixed signs, the other side of this coin is that this intense focus can be overwhelming. For Scorpio specifically, this could be interpreted as obsessiveness, conniving dialogue, and surreptitious activity.

This new moon falls on/after Albuquerque’s mayoral election. Current mayor Tim Keller is up against Bernallilo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales. Eddy Aragon, another challenger, comes from a robust real estate background with no political background. (Aragon’s platform is an absolute classist joke and won’t be discussed.) Considering that the new moon disappears from the sky, and that this new moon is in Scorpio, words like “sneaky” and “charged” come to mind. Scorpio is a suitable sign for this election to happen under, it’s the sign of rivalry and obsessiveness. The Gonzales campaign has been accused of fraud, which is a very Scorpio (and just to prove that we aren’t biased, this is also a very Capricorn thing, too) thing to be accused of. Gonzales himself referenced allegations of domestic assault and driving while under the influence against Keller at a mayoral debate, which happened under a Libra full moon. While that certainly isn’t in the Libra spirit of equality, it could be said that it was an attempt to “tip the scale” in Gonzales’ favor as Libra is symbolically a scale. In more traditional Libra fashion, the Keller campaign opted to legally respond.

What does this mean for Tim Keller? By using publicly accessible information from this website, some transits in Keller’s chart may be illuminating. A transit moon sextile Saturn implies that Keller may feel inclined to stick to mayoral duties throughout the course of election day, opting to let his actions speak louder than words. Keller has not tweeted today. Judging by the internet, Keller is not visible today, as the transit moon suggests. Another transit occurring for Keller is the transit moon, opposite of the moon — which is a double whammy, especially under the Scorpio new moon. With this three fold water influence, it’s fair to say that something emotional may occur within the next 24 hours for Keller.

Manny Gonzales does not have his birthday listed online like Keller does, but judging from public data mining websites, we can guess his date of birth and assume his place of birth is Albuquerque as he is running for mayor here. One of the first things that stands out is the transit moon squaring the moon, a double water influence extended thrice under the Scorpio new moon — this indicates shifts in schedule. With Keller also having a triple water element influence, perhaps this transit could indicate a long wait counting votes, or a long period before addressing the public. It can also indicate stress, which is also true of Keller’s transit moon opposite of the moon. Gonzales also has the transit moon conjunct Mars and the transit sun sextile Pluto. The former is a mark of quick decisions or hastiness, and the latter is indicative of dogged concentration and financial management.

The Albuquerque Moonstone isn’t necessarily a political blog. However, judging by the astrology, it could be fair to say that emotional reactions and delays could be expected this evening.

Suggestion for the Scorpio new moon include:

  • Wearing black, dark reds, and deep browns
  • Carrying tiger’s eye, carnelian, and obsidian
  • Taking stock of emotions before making decisions
  • Avoiding road rage

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Times of India

Abitha’s Apothecary hosts psychic fair

Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

Abitha’s Apothecary, a local metaphysical store, held a psychic fair this past Sunday, October 24th. I’ve been shopping at Abitha’s Apothecary for nearly a year now, where staff members have always been incredibly knowledgable and empathetic. Abitha’s Apothecary has a wide array of resources for practitioners and potential initiates alike, with an impressive case of oils and a whole wall full of incense. Both the oils and incense are made in house, by Abitha’s Apothecary staff — something that stands out against mass produced and ethically gray materials that inundate markets as witchcraft illuminates mainstream conversations. Abitha’s Apothecary is in a cadre of local stores interested in preserving authenticity and community, as proven by their interest in crafting their own goods and encouraging learning-based conversations in their store.

Crystal Dragon Illuminations, a tarot and woodwork business, painting during the psychic fair

As witchcraft becomes more accessible and visible through social media via things like Witchtok, the aforementioned supplies are in much higher demand, and as stated, the potential for poor quality and production stands as it accelerates towards unadulterated commodification. Witchcraft has become quite popular, especially with young women. Activities such as spell jars and candle magic have entered mainstream conversations, especially online — these conversations online, formerly on Tumblr but now on TiKToK, create this issue in which the idea of witchcraft could be sold to interested young adults (who don’t know any better) as a product by conglomerates and monopolistic companies. For example, dying rocks to represent malachite or howlite is an easy way to turn a profit online, but that isn’t what all of this is about. As the excellent turnout for Abitha’s Apothecary’s psychic fair shows, the city of Albuquerque’s interest is in its vibrant culture and community, not profit.

When I arrived at the psychic fair, the afternoon sun was postured appropriately in the sky, a rare warmer day in late October. I crossed paths with Tea Time Baths, a local family operation specializing in herbal and ritual bath teas. Oils, herbs, and CBD products are also offered. I spoke with Valerie Griego, who shared with me that Tea Time Baths had just started a few months ago and that they’ve already seen incredible interest in their holistic and spiritual products. “I’ve noticed that holistic and natural healing is much more widely accepted these days. People are looking for natural herbal remedies to avoid the side effects of man made medicine. I thought to myself, why not use the knowledge passed down through my family to help others?”

The matriarch of wellness business Tea Time Baths, Valerie Griego

Tea Time’s herbal intention oils, jewelry, and teas

Feral Lore Perfumes, a local perfumery, had an ethereal and minimalistic display showcasing various natural perfumes. I had the opportunity to briefly speak with Kate Viers, the artist behind Feral Lores Perfume. Viers has a formal background in aromatherapy, and combined it with her interest in herbal medicine in order to create perfumes so refined that they are on the same level as art. The aesthetics are sparse, elaborate, and a touch abstractly gothic.

Aromatherapist Kate Viers at her Feral Lore Perfumes booth during Abitha’s Apothecary’s psychic fair

Feral Lore Perfumes are produced with ethically sourced materials in a base of organic alcohol, with combinations such as jasmine and piñon pine in “Behind the Veil,” and pepper and frankincense in “Omen.” “Natural perfumery is an ancient art that blends organic, aromatic essences together to create a scent that blooms with our body’s natural chemistry in a way that synthetic perfumes are unable to. This gives natural perfumes a uniqueness and subtlety that is unmatched in the world of commercial fragrance,” said Viers.

Mercedes and Eric Reyes from Bruja Coffee Co., pictured in front of wellness products such as homemade florida water and blue lotus wine

I finally had a chance to meet the couple behind Bruja Coffee Co., Mercedes and Eric Reyes. I’ve seen Bruja Coffee Co. all over Burqueño parts of the internet, incorporating ritual herbs and ceremony into drinking coffee is bold and inventive. Bruja Coffee Co.’s Instagram is abundant with coffee rituals. A recent post highlights the magical properties of coffee, noting that using a coffee scrub in the shower invigorates your metaphysical body. Their social media posts are incredibly informative and significantly align with traditional, formalized witchcraft.

Bruja Coffee Co.’s offerings are on an entirely different level than anything I have ever seen before — and I know that this is a celebratory blog post about community, but I’m absolutely serious when I say that their products elevate standards in a way that I’ve never seen before. Bruja Coffee Co. is the only New Mexican store that I have encountered that incorporates blue lotus (and pink lotus, which I have never heard of prior to now) into their tinctures. One product, the Samhain box, even has Egyptian-esque lotus wine fermented during a specific period in the wheel of the year. I purchased their Pink Moon Tincture, created during a full moon and brewed for three of its cycles. This tincture incorporates historically significant herbs such as the aforementioned lotuses, popularized in Egypt for their surreal effects. Ghostpipe, another herb I had never heard of, is included alongside standard anxiolytic ingredients such as milky oat tops and skullcap. I am saving my Pink Moon Tincture for a crisp hike in the Cibola National Forest.

Bruja Coffee Co.’s Samhain Box, available here

That Sunday was an amazing opportunity to connect and learn from practitioners in the Albuquerque community. As pandemic restrictions lighten, I’m looking forward to more events like these. For pitches, article requests, and interviews, please feel free to email our team at We are on Instagram at @abqmoonstone.