Abitha’s Celebrates 34th Anniversary

Photo by Rachel Claire

On April 3rd, Abitha’s Apothecary celebrated 34 years of business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vendors and practitioners were welcomed into Abitha’s space east of Uptown, where hundreds of Burqueños browsed wares and booked readings. The event kickstarted the metaphysical community’s spring season, traditionally associated with renewal and light. The weather was crisp with a light breeze affirming that Albuquerque is ready for a happier, lighthearted summer after two years spent battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reta from Abitha’s Apothecary, center, with staff

“When Abitha’s first opened in 1988, it was still a bit on the taboo side,” explained Reta, the owner of Abitha’s Apothecary. “We did not know what to stock, so we ended up asking our customers for direction. Building these relationships was an important part in our success, and that’s how our customer base and inventory grew. At the end of the 1990s, into the 2000s, those that seek to grow spiritually were met by several new businesses to meet that demand.”

As Reta explained, several metaphysical businesses have opened their doors to those curious to learn more about life beyond the veil. Many of them attended Abitha’s celebration, expressing their respect for their knowledgable staff and their interest in the growing metaphysical scene.

Scene at Abitha’s 34th Anniversary

Madeline Mariposa, owner of Glitter Alchemy, reflected on the past two decades in the esoteric community: “I’ve been shopping at Abitha’s since the 1990s, I started going there during my time at CNM when Abitha’s was located in Nob Hill. Abitha’s is the grandmother of Albuquerque witch shops — whatever comes around, Abitha’s has the ultimate stronghold on this community.” Glitter Alchemy and bone jewelry company Lust for Dead Oddities recently collaborated on a tea blend to inspire passion, pictured below.

Madeline from Glitter Alchemy
Lust & Alchemy Tea Blend from Glitter Alchemy and Lust for Dead Oddities
Aura Photography NM’s booth at Abitha’s 34th Anniversary

Barbara, the owner of Aura Photo NM, expressed her personal gratitude to Reta. “When I opened Aura Photo NM, we met Reta at the Pagan  Pride festival and shortly after started doing pop-ups at her shop. I think Abitha’s adds so much value to the metaphysical community in Albuquerque — I love that blend their own oils, make their own incense, and dress their own candles, I think it adds to the magic of what they sell. I’ve been in their store so many times when I hear a customer coming in with an issue and they know exactly what the person needs. The amount of knowledge they have across so many topics is astounding! I think that is why they have such a great reputation in the pagan community,” she shared.

“We had an amazing day yesterday with so many wonderful souls. I was so excited to be able to share my plans for my shop that should be opening this summer in Santa Fe.”

Danielle from The Amethyst Circle

Mercedes from Bruja Coffee Co. shared that Abitha’s was a large part of joining the Albuquerque withccraft community. “I am new to Albuquerque — six years. Abitha’s is the backbone of the pagan community. In fact, any one of us in this event would come help Abitha’s if it ever needed help. This shop must always be here, its overall influence on this city is macrocosmic,” she explained.

Medusa Dankini from Amethyst Light Healing

“I found Abitha’s through the community, I heard about it through local spiritualists. Everyone is here to support each other.”

– Ryio from Cosmic Healing Shop

Abitha’s has acted as a stronghold for the metaphysical community throughout the past three decades, encouraging collaboration (as demonstrated by Glittery Alchemy and Lust for Dead Oddities) and creativity through artistic means. Anna, the owner of Luminous Moon Shop, reflected on this: “I’ve always came to Abitha’s, ever since I was in the broom closet. I’ve always wanted to be a part of their metaphysical events. Being included as a business owner is absolutely magical.”

“I wanted to share that abundance through our new Witchy Rich tea.”

Anna from Luminous Moon Shop

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