Pink Full Moon in Libra 04/15/22

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

On April 15th, a full moon will occur under the sign of Libra. Libra is traditionally represented as a scale, a contrast to other sentient zodiac associations. The imagery of the scale is representative of a characteristic Libran phrase, “soothe the waters.” Whereas the full moon by nature pulls higher and more turbulent tides from the ocean, the Libra sign adds an emphasis on balance and conserving mental energy.

Libra is definitely one of the most brought up zodiac signs in online discourse. They have a reputation for coquettishness, an airy indifference to anything that could negatively impact their internal equilibrium. A Libra is more similar to Gemini in that energy and self-concept is rooted in social energies, whereas the remaining air sign Aquarius is an antagonistic outlier in comparision. Libras such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrate the social inclination of the Libra sign. In turn, they both represent the calculating and shrewd nature of the sign, indicated by their discourse stirring business ventures SKIMS and GOOP. Kardashian and Paltrow do not address criticism, they do not repent from the crimes the public accuses them of — they move in silence, not allowing any detraction to skew their Libran scales. Musician and actor Donald Glover is also a Libra, that represents the quiet dignity and silent motions that Libras command.

It is important to be receptive and willing to challenge established boundaries throughout the Libra full moon. In carefully measured doses, rock the scales a bit. Growth doesn’t happen throughout stasis, and it can be argued that preserving that stasis it hinders interpersonal growth.

Suggestions for the Libra full moon include:

  • Wearing crisp white or beige clothing to evoke Venus
  • Making a change in your routine, such as trying a daring new restuarant, or even better: attempting to cook a challenging dish at home.
  • Utilizing stones that evoke comfort and positive self image such as pink tourmaline or rainbow moonstone

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