New Moon in Aries 04/02/22

On April 1st, 2022, a new moon will occur in the sign of Aries. Aries, a cardinal fire sign, brings that element to mind. Under the cold silhoutte of the new moon, the sting of a day old burn is a more suitable phenomenon to reference. In silence, consider this: that immediate desire to pull away after touching a burn, the burning Aries tendency to lunge for the throat. This new moon brings to mind vulnerability and the way we observe it in ourselves and how we choose to present it to others.

That tired phrase about marching to the beat of your own drum aligns well with Aries, if the drum was a pounding heartbeat and the “beat” was their own infernal mental gymnastics. Aries, in a way similar to the cooly accelerationist and ideologically indifferent Aquarius, will justify operating on cheap matchsticks resembling the lefthand path in order to kindle their trailblazing. This Aries energy explodes and then smolders, as evident in total Aries Vincent Gallo’s illustrious directing career and subsequent denouement into brooding character acting. In a personal essay, Gallo is very Aries: “I don’t enjoy being unpopular, however in order to think freely, I must be willing to risk being unpopular. To think, I must risk being offensive. Anyway, most people are not listening but instead projecting.”

The Aries new moon encompasses that tumultuous drive and its incisive actions, but incorporating the subjective nature of the new moon requires compassion towards the Self. The idea of “self-care” has certainly been exploited over the past half of a decade, the notion that self-care is a product, a subscription, or a drug infusion is inherently against what self-care stands for. So, under this absence of spotlight in the Aries new moon, take charge and take care of the innate rebel in your Self.

Suggestions for the Aries new moon include:

  • Wearing orange, gold, or cream clothing
  • Placing a mirror against your windowsill. You never know what is directed towards you, and right now you’re facilitating your own unique energies.
  • Studying grounding stones such as pyrite or black tourmaline

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