Wendy Rule Headlines Magick & Medicine Fair, Local Witches Gather Together

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

On January 29th, 2022, Tea Time Baths and Bruja Coffee Co. held a Magick & Medicine Metaphysical Fair headlined by Wendy Rule, a Santa Fe based musician and longtime witch. Over forty vendors set up shop at the event, items ranged from witchy apparel and crystals to ceremonial medicine and copper wrapped dab tools. Grandma’s House BBQ served authentic barbequed meat, and local cannabis influencer Cooking with the Homeboy provided photography and commentary throughout the event. Click here for preliminary reading about sacred medicine and its use in New Mexico.

The event was centered around Rule’s performance, tarot and oracle readings concurrently took place. New Mexican businesses such as Glitter Alchemy, Luminous Moon Shop, and Marilinn and Pablo’s Jewelry were present. Local artists such as Georgia transplant Brianna Gardocki were also in attendance. Renowned Albuquerque metaphysical supply store Abitha’s Apothecary displayed wares at the event. “For me, sacred medicine and witchcraft… you can’t have one without the other, that’s the thing. They have to work together,” said Josh from Abitha’s Apothecary.

Wendy Rule performing at the Magick & Medicine Metaphysical Fair

Wendy Rule performed at 1:00PM and 4:00PM for fair attendees, singing songs referencing nature, witchcraft, and love. “It’s a beautiful community event, full of magic, music, and lots of fun,” said Rule. Rule is a practicing witch, specifically Wicca. As a witch, she is interested in fairies and the occult, positively referencing the former during her performance. “Witchcraft is about honoring our connection with nature, and sacred medicine is a part of that. Sacred medicine can be a powerful pathway to connecting with Spirit.” Stream Wendy Rule’s music on Spotify by clicking here.

Collective Frequency, a community oriented metaphysical space in Old Town, played crystal singing bowls and other instruments in between Rule’s sets. Tammy, who leads Collective Frequency with her husband Anthony, explained that sound and sacred medicine go hand in hand with each other. “It’s all frequency. Sacred medicine helps clear out your auric field, so you may receive that medicine. It vibrates together, everything merges together to allow a sacred place inside of yourself.”

The singing bowls were accompanied by a crystal healing grid, Anthony and Tammy described a process in which sacred sounds allow crystals to grow additional facets. Tammy and Anthony hold frequent sound baths at their space in Old Town, an event calendar can be accessed by clicking here.

Bruja Coffee Co., pictured with magickally crafted coffee, skin potions, and blue lotus wine

Mercedes Reyes of Bruja Coffee Co., one of the organizers behind the festival, offered her perspective on the use of sacred medicine: “Communing with sacred herbs is all about engaging the spirit of the plants,” said Reyes. “I feel like there is a stigma because of the law, but I want to make it clear that medicine for body, mind, and soul is better when it’s wildcrafted from the ground to the bottle.”

Tea Time Baths Potion Bar

Valerie from Tea Time Baths, one of the organizers of the event, spoke to us about her intention behind this gahtering: “My view on Medicine and magick, and the whole idea and purpose of hosting this event, is the importance and knowledge of how sacred and interrwined our Medicine is in our practice. From helping with meditation, healing, cleansing, astral projection, shadow work and so much more… each herb, flower, root and plant have their own energy, life and use and exist here for us to use. Our practices may all be different, but we are all connected. It was amazing to see so many different people with different backgrounds and beliefs come together as a collective and community to celebrate this blessed Medicine and heal together.”

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