Full Moon in Cancer 01/17/22

Photo by rompalli harish from Pexels

On January 17th, the moon will be fully illuminated under the sign of Cancer. It falls on the same day as Martin Luther King Day, a day that the federal government set aside to celebrate someone that they murdered. King was wiretapped by the government, this kind of intimate surveillance emnates maladjusted Cancer energy. Even more Cancer is the fact that King’s legacy has been obfuscated, abstracted and watered down in order for the United States to claim that our violent racist past wasn’t so bad. It’s been a very successful lie since its inception in 1983. All lies are not exclusively of Cancer, but it is certainly Cancerian to lie. To read more about King’s righteous interest in objects of all prejudices, click here.

At its worst, Cancer is emblatic of every neurotic thing that damages water signs. Surveillance may seem cold and dry in an air sign way, but the ability to secretly listen to another person’s conversation is deeply indicative of the covert nature and underlying paranoia of a water sign. Under this full moon, extinguish any interest in secretly observing those around you in order to maintain a positive vibration.

When in full alignment, Cancer energy is parental, facilitative, and a bit of a homebody. Cancer is in its most undiluted form in a full moon, which errs passionate at best and malicious at worst. Being aware of what really drives your speech and decisions is important at this time, especially throughout the current retrograde.

When in full alignment, Cancer energy is parental, facilitative, and a bit of a homebody. It would be Cancer to assist someone younger than you, or to spend time decorating your home. Observe your internal monologue, and when it upsets you, challenge it by asking if it is being truthful.

Suggestions for the Cancer full moon include:

  • Wearing iridiscent, cream, or yellow toned cream clothing
  • Consider sepia tone, does it evoke the color of the moon?
  • Placing a medium sized crystal (rainbow moonstone, peach moonstone, or larimar) by your bedside
  • Listening to an incredibly Cancer song

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