Full Moon in Gemini 12/19/21

Olsen Twins (Vulture)

In the early hours of December 19th, 2021, a full moon will occur in the social and cerebral sign of Gemini. This will be the last full moon of this year, a lighthearted bookend to an eclipse season that culminated in events such as a new COVID-19 variant and a cryptocurrency crash.

The sign of Gemini is traditionally associated with Mercury, and in a contemporary sense is associated with twins. In an interpersonal sense, the Gemini sign is marked by sociability and a constant sense of movement. As an air sign, a lot of things are constantly in motion with the Gemini sign. In turn, that leaves room for misinterpretation — demonstrated by some taking issue against a document intended to rightfully inspire egalitarianism present on the City of Albuquerque’s website. Gemini is different than its other air signs. In contrast, the Aquarius sign can appear clueless in social situations, and Libra can come across as intimidated by disagreements and arguments. Gemini is in its element in social situations, navigating them with ease and grace. The Gemini sign is inclined towards the arts and humanities, like its fellow air signs.

However, that twin imagery has become synonymous with acting two-faced. The Gemini sign has been accused of being manipulative, or even fake. That preference for a social sphere is present, a Gemini may prefer to kindle as many glib friendships as possible to build a strong network of connections. Consider Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their presence in the fashion world is formidable but how aware of their personal lives are we? They are aesthetically and artistically engaged while maintaining a large and public boundary. That word, networking, is something emblematic of the Gemini sign — while Gemini move so quickly, they are certainly making lasting impressions (suave, well connected, bright) on those in their path.

Suggestions for the Gemini full moon include:

  • Wearing cream, champagne, gold, or pale yellow to channel Mercury energy
  • Attending a festival or gallery opening with a colleague, encountering new people there
  • Listening to a song with undeniable Gemini energy and influences, such as the lighthearted and catchy “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue
  • Carrying standard moonstone or honey calcite
  • Consciously deciding to embody your authenticity and values in every situation

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